My name is Toh Shi Hui, currently a Year 2 Chemistry undergraduate at the National University of Singapore (NUS) I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in July 2011. My strong interest in the field of Chemistry inspired me to pursue a post graduate degree in Organic Chemistry. This career path chosen is driven by my strong interest in the field of science and research work.


As an undergraduate, I value versatility and leadership experiences that can be gathered outside academic wise. I pursue the goal of developing myself as an all-rounder by volunteering my service to our citizens of Singapore. I joined the People’s Association Youth Movement (PAYM) in the NeeSoon East Community Centre and performed my duty as the Chairman of Publicity subgroup, which gave me the opportunity to not only work with people of different background but also immerse myself in different cultures of our society. This experience allowed me to enhance my interpersonal communication skills, and also further refine my leadership and public speaking skills.


My life in NUS have also been enriching and fulfilling. I ‘m currently a live DeeJay in NUS campus radio, “RadioPulze”, and this was due to my huge interest in the Entertainment scene. I have been given countless opportunities to attend press conferences of International stars at formal events to conduct interviews, and throughout these experiences some of the soft skills such as responsibility and critical thinking are something which I’m grateful to have acquired.


I also believe in giving back to the society through community work and services. In NUS, I participated in overseas community work such planning and experiencing a 22 days community service trip to Cambodia. The opportunities to work with people of vast diversity and interaction with people of different culture globally are valuable skills acquired which has certainly equipped me the relevant organizational and leadership skills to handle the challenges in the competitive society today.


My work experiences during my previous semester breaks as a marketing assistance for TIME Publishing Company has certainly prepared me for the challenging work field.  I had the privilege to experience the problems faced in business and management and this has imbibed in me analytical skills applicable to solving real-life problems.


Being a highly motivated, driven and an organized person, I take pride in all my work and give in all my best efforts possible to accomplish the tasks. Success is something everyone aims to achieve in life, but I truly believe it would not be complete unless we have play our part in giving back to the society and reaching out to as much of the less fortunate ones out there as possible.







  1. Hi Shi Hui,

    Your biodata is well-structured concrete enough to prove you as a person who has excelled in many fields. For each section, you have clearly described the skills which you have acquired during the process. In my opinion, you have succeeded in portraying a positive image of yourself with no hint of arrogance.

    Just to suggest a minor improvement. I felt that the strong passion for research which you displayed during the mock interview was slightly lacking in your biodata. Perhaps you could describe how you would like your research to help those in need, or correct any negative stereotypes people have of chemists. 🙂

    Your willingness to try out new things and vast experiences will help you greatly in your future. Here’s wishing you all the best in your endeavours!

  2. Dear Shi Hui,

    First of all, I must say that you did a great job on the mock interview where you handled all the questions and prodding excellently! I certainly see a bright future in store for you no matter what you aim to do after you graduate. Besides that, I am also impressed with your biodata especially your work and community service experiences. I definitely agree that all of us have to play our part and give back to society one way or another. There are some grammatical and phrasing errors in your biodata though.
    One example is: “I have been given countless opportunities to attend press conferences of International stars at formal events to conduct interviews, and throughout these experiences some of the soft skills such as responsibility and critical thinking are something which I’m grateful to have acquired.” I think that it is better if you separate your ideas into several sentences instead of putting all of them together in one long sentence. Other than the few errors, I really enjoyed reading your biodata and I have no doubt that you will have a successful life ahead of you. All the best and glad to have the opportunity to get to know you.

    ws 🙂

  3. This is a comprehensive bio, Ash. The essence of it would work for a professional purpose or in an academic context, say, for an application to graduate school. You certainly have had a wide range of experiences, and your interests are broad. Your community involvement is broadly emphasized here, and I think that shows the reader just how passionate you are about life, learning and growing. You also bring up your various skills, to your credit.

    And of course, for our purposes, it’s always good to get to know more about one of our classmates. Very impressive background you have! shared with us. That allows us to relate to you on an even more personal level. For instance, now that I know you work for RadioPulze, I should invoke my privilege and pass on to you the 2008 CD recording that I co-produced, and for which I co-wrote the songs. It’s called Dark Sun Big Rain, headlined by Karen, and last week it was nominated as Album of the Year by the Malaysian music industry (AIM). I won’t say that I think all the songs are great, but there are quite a number that I’m fond of and that have a message beyond the typical “girl loves boy” and “voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir” crap. Anyway, you can pass it on to one of your producers or make wind chimes with it!

    Back to your post: Generally the language is good, but there are a couple problems.
    For example, with my corrections in caps:

    1) “…that can be gathered outside (academic wise) ACADEMIA.”

    2) “…the problems faced in business and management and this has (imbibed) INSTILLED in me….”

    3) “THE career path I’VE CHOSEN chosen (is driven) HAS BEEN DETERMINED by….”

    In any case, thank you for all your effort, and best of luck in the future!

  4. Hey evalia and Weesiong!
    thank you for your correction in my biodata. I know its full of mistakes but I’ll be correcting it! And don’t feel too bad being such “mean ass’ at the mock interview because I’m really glad to have that kind of exposure back then!


  5. Hello brad,
    Wow you co-produced your wife’s album? That’s really cool you should let me have a copy to broadcast one of these days! I really support local music and I feel that all local talents should be widely publicize!

    Oh and thank ypu for correcting those mistakes!


  6. Hey Shi Hui! 🙂

    Way cool! So you really like Organic Chemistry very much huh? Small wonder I keep on seeing you lugging that huge McMurray’s book all over campus! I’m really happy that you’re already very clear on your life direction.

    Chairman of Publicity, live DJ, gosh, you’re really hugely talented aren’t you? I didn’t know all this despite all these weeks working together with you on our plastics project! 😀 The loads of experience gained from all these commitments must surely have contributed a great deal to shaping you into what you are – a confident yet humble young lady, ever willing to take on new challenges!

    I also believe in doing community service. I think it also serves to remind us to always cherish what we have in life and never be too greedy and lust after unattainable objectives. Being around the less fortunate is a truly humbling experience, and you feel that you could and should always do more for them.

    As of today, Mark sees Ash in new light. It is truly an honour to get to know you both as a project mate and a friend. 🙂 All the best!


  7. Hello Markkkk!
    I realized only this morning that I accidental left out your comments! That McMurry textbook is really my life, at least for now hehe. But did I mention it was stolen weeks ago?=(( Well I felt that Organic chemistry was really something I could relate my interest to, that explains the huge interest I have in that area.

    Thank you once again for your kind words!
    (P.S. our plastic project did alright, didn’t we?=D )


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