Evaluating Mr. Paddle’s showdown

Firstly, allow me to start off by applauding the fantastic presentations done by all my fellow ES2007S course mates. All of us put in 110% effort and did an amazing job! Now moving on to my own self evaluation. My amazing group mates ShiWei and Mark made the whole preparation process really fun, and working with them was effective and smooth sailing because of the strong group bonding and common goals we had in mind right from the start. Kudos to both of them for that!

I remember myself waking up this morning feeling really excited about the presentation. We were the group to start off first, and I felt it was a huge advantage to us as we had our audiences fresh and enthusiastic. Being the first speaker added additional pressure on me because it meant that I had to be responsible of engaging and grabbing the attention of my audiences fast, within the first few minutes. I hoped I didn’t talk too fast during the delivery, as I have the tendency to do so when I get excited. I stumbled at a few occasion, mainly because nervousness got better out of me! Despite that, I am glad the presentation ended off successfully. But I would love to hear your comments to help me and my group members to further improve in both our slides and presentation skills!



  1. Hi Shi Hui!

    The pictures in the presentation were impactful, so kudos for that. The interchanges between your jokes and the serious issues are good though it could be more natural. You definitely sounded enthusiastic and convincing with good stresses placed on important words. However, at times you tend to go a little too fast and the words tend to slur. Overall, you were impressive in being bold and in captivating the audiences’ attention.

    P.S I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED MYSELF. it was way better than our projectwork in NYJC!!

  2. Hi Shi Hui

    You did well in trying to capture our attention. The pictures you showed were relevant and helped you create the effect you wanted. You were logical throughout the presentation and managed to link the different slides together pretty well. However, I realized that you appeared quite stiff at the start. I can’t decide if that was due to nervousness or if you were trying to adopt a good posture for the presentation. Nevertheless I could see that your group prepared well for this presentation. Nice work.


  3. Hi Shi Hui,
    Generally, you and your group mates did a fantastic job. There is a good link from the introduction to findings & interpretations and to conclusions. Bravo! All the members presented his/hers points clearly. The pictures and slides are also very relevant and impressive.
    For your part of presentation, you able to capture my attention and gave a good explanation on the background . I agree with Sarah that the interchanges between your jokes and the serious issues are good which makes all of us to treat the issue seriously. I also admire your ability to answer the questions raised by us during Q&A. Good job!

  4. Hey Sarah,
    I do realize my bad habit for going too fast sometimes when I get nervous or excited! (or rather both?) But thank you for taking time off to evaluate and comment about my presentation! I’ll take note of “the unnatural interchange” between the jokes and serious stuffs, and I’m glad you enjoyed yourself more then those days we had during the NYJC times!

    Hello Duane,
    I’m glad you enjoyed my slides! Initially I was feeling a little insecure of putting only pictures down, because that means that all the interpretation would have to be done verbally by me. Thank god I didn’t loss my audience after all!

    Hello Cher!
    I’m so glad you liked the presentation! You were certainly kind not to pop up with really tough questions for my group! =)


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